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Compliance Policies, Procedures, and Processes

Compliance Policies, Procedures, and Processes eGRC

At the core of a business, to achieve its objectives and meet its regulatory expectations and statutory obligations, the company must draft policies and procedures that streamline its operations in the most appropriate directions.

eGRC will work with its clients to prepare policies such as:

  1. AML/CFT compliance policies
  2. Sanctions compliance policies
  3. Risk management policy
  4. Operations policies
  5. HR policies
  6. IT and cyber security policies
  7. Training policy
  8. Disaster Recovery and business continuity policy &
  9. Consumer Protection plan & policies

While the AML regulations have standard requirements, their application must work for a business to be capable of being adopted, implemented, and enforced to protect a business. The statute is evident in the requirements of a company that must be regulated. A business must have policies and procedures that ensure adherence is managed and evidenced effectively.

We can work with the compliance officers within a business to ensure the requirements of regulators have been complied with through delivering bespoke policies and procedures. The policies and procedures apply the requirements without any hindrance to the business’s operation unless necessary.

While each business in a sector will have the commonality of requirements, the approach may and most likely be different. We aim to work with a business to implement best practices without seeking to change the processes and operations.

The goal is to ensure that each business we work with complies with the requirement of its regulatory body but retains its individuality and has a set of policies that work for them.

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EGRC Your compliance is our obligation.

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