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AML Compliance Training

AML Compliance Training eGRC

eGRC has designed up-to-date, bespoke & targeted courses for your business, providing fundamental training on the topics you need to update, educate and bring knowledge to your staff and professional colleagues.

The courses cover various informative topics from junior staff to technical employees, the board of directors, and the owners. Additionally, eGRC works with your team on a practical and intensive basis through our mentoring and training programs. At eGRC, we provide a range of essential training to different stakeholders of obliged institutions at all levels.

training provided includes:

  1. KYC, CDD elements of the AML Compliance laws and regulations
  2. Investigations and Identification of UBO
  3. Typologies of money laundering
  4. Financial crime risk assessment process
  5. Sanctions screening
  6. software solution tuning for screening, monitoring, STR Notification, and information management.

We have several courses that are aimed at ensuring the various levels in the business receive the training that is relevant to them:

The Basics – provided to personnel who are not fully engaged with customers or involved in the AML process. These include short courses and a base-level understanding of AML issues enabling staff to be aware and act to protect themselves and the company.


Intermediate- provided to those staff who are engaged in AML processes and may or will speak to clients and interact with them. The purpose is to ensure that staff is equipped it sufficient knowledge, such as asking for details and collecting the required documents from the client.


Advanced- delivered to employees in Compliance, audit, and supervisory positions. This level provides advice and guidance to staff alongside the overall management of the compliance processes and interaction with different stakeholders.

Through fusing technical knowledge and practical experience, our course holds the delegates’ interest in delivering appropriate expertise in the optimum time frame.

Our training can be delivered:

  • Online via video or audio
  • Classroom style in your offices or outside venues
  • Seminary style for your events or larger audiences
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EGRC Your compliance is our obligation.

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