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It is integral for regulated companies to have appropriate regulation and compliance regimes. Failure to have adequate adherence to laws and the absence of an effective compliance program can make companies vulnerable to regulatory, reputational, operational, and financial risks.

The regulatory compliance processes must be robust in nature, communicated with stakeholders, and measured for their effectiveness through proper assessment.

eGRC focuses businesses on their Compliance and regulatory requirements through implementing effective policies, procedures, training, and consultancy. We help regulated businesses to implement compliance programs in a manner that allows companies to function and harmonize operations with the enacted laws and regulations instead of a restrictive environment causing adversities for the businesses otherwise.

Our Services

Obliged businesses must comply with AML and sanctions compliance programs. eGRC offers practical training and frequent reviews of your business to ensure, your business remains compliant.

eGRC works across a range of sectors, including:

  • Banks
  • Exchange Houses/Money Service Businesses
  • Insurance agents and brokers
  • Financial Services
  • Virtual Assets service providers (VASP)
  • Hawala (RHP)
  • Trust & Company Services providers
  • Lawyers/Attorneys/Solicitors
  • Accountants
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Precious Metal & Stone Dealers

Once a compliant structure is achieved, we monitor and evidence its effectiveness and help you enhance your compliance level.

Appointing eGRC as your business consultant can rest assured that your company complies with all regulatory standards; we enable you to focus on the essential elements to achieve your objectives.

eGRC provides an array of services to cater the client requirements, including:

  • Consulting (developing business plans, regulatory correspondence, & registration, etc.)
  • Drafting compliance policies and AML policies, procedures, and processes
  • AML Program auditing
  • Financial Crime Risk Assessment
  • Sanctions Risk Assessment
  • AML and Anti-Fraud Training
  • KYC Remediation
  • GoAML Advisory and STR/SAR Reporting Standards
  • Process implementation
  • Consumer protection

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1. Financial Crime & Sanctions Risk Assessment

Regulated businesses are required to undertake a formal risk assessment process to identify, analyze, and evaluate their financial and sanctions risk exposure. They must devise and implement controls to mitigate the inherent risks and monitor the residual risks.

Risk Assessment helps organizations to manage and, where possible, eradicate the potential of a business to be used as a conduit for illegitimate funds transfer and then caught up in ML/TF or sanctions breaches.


Whether small or large, businesses must perform their risk assessment to determine the level of vulnerability and accordingly develop their compliance program.


A practical risk assessment must review the business approach to AML and its policies, procedures, systems, and controls. It must understand the business and the client operations, identify geographical locations where risk is enhanced and where risks arise, and engage with staff to gather appropriate information to assess risks and how they are and should be managed. For effective risk management, a risk-based approach is applied, which is dynamic and enables businesses to apply their limited resources in areas that are deemed as high risk.


At eGRC, we ensure to bring our clients the knowledge and expertise to perform qualitative and quantitative enterprise-wide risk assessment exercises. We work with businesses of all sizes and sectors to conduct their risk assessment and devise mitigating controls.


To enquire about our consumer protection services and how eGRC can work with your business you can call us at +971527079648, email us at, or complete an inquiry form.

2. Compliance Policies, Procedures, and Processes

At the core of a business, to achieve its objectives and meet its regulatory expectations and statutory obligations, the company must draft policies and procedures that streamline its operations in the most appropriate directions.


eGRC will work with its clients to prepare policies such as:


  • AML/CFT compliance policies
  • Sanctions compliance policies
  • Risk management policy
  • Operations policies
  • HR policies
  • IT and cyber security policies
  • Training policy
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity policy &
  • Consumer protection plan & policies

While the AML regulations have standard requirements, their application must work for a business to be capable of being adopted, implemented, and enforced to protect a business. The statute is evident in the requirements of a company that must be regulated. A business must have policies and procedures that ensure adherence is managed and evidenced effectively.


Regulation can prove more complex as each sector and regulator will have different requirements. Not all laws are easy to interpret or, more importantly, be placed into a set of core policies and procedures enabling a business to meet the expectations of its regulator.

Interpreting the requirements of the various regulators and working with businesses to implement a set of written policies and procedures alongside training is where the experience of eGRC can prove invaluable.


We can work with the compliance officers within a business to ensure the requirements of regulators have been complied with through delivering bespoke policies and procedures. The policies and procedures apply the requirements without any hindrance to the business’s operation unless necessary.


While each business in a sector will have the commonality of requirements, the approach may and most likely be different. We aim to work with a business to implement best practices without seeking to change the processes and operations.


The goal is to ensure that each business we work with complies with the requirements of its regulatory body but retains its individuality and has a set of policies that work for them.

3. AML Compliance Training


eGRC has designed bespoke courses for your business, providing fundamental training on the topics you need to update, educate, and bring knowledge to your staff and professional colleagues.

The courses cover various informative topics from junior staff to technical employees, the board of directors, and the owners. Additionally, eGRC works with your team on a practical and intensive basis through our mentoring and training programs. At eGRC, we provide a range of essential training to different stakeholders of obliged institutions at all levels.

training provided includes:


  • KYC, CDD elements of the AML Compliance laws and regulations
  • Impact of regulations on various stakeholders
  • Typologies of money laundering
  • Financial crime risk assessment process
  • Sanctions screening
  • software solution tuning for screening, monitoring, STR Notification, and information management.


We have several courses that are aimed at ensuring the various levels in the business receive the training that is relevant to them:


The Basic

Intermediate &



Our training delivers the opportunity to ensure that all in a business have the level of knowledge they require the most. eGRC-specific training is designed to engage at the appropriate level to ensure the audience is interacting with the trainers to boost their learning and problem-solving capabilities.


Through fusing technical knowledge and practical experience, our course holds the delegates’ interest in delivering appropriate expertise in the optimum time frame.

Our training can be delivered:

  • Online via video or audio
  • Classroom style in your offices or outside venues
  • Seminary style for your events or larger audiences

4. Insourcing Compliance the Function:

  • Appointment of compliance officer/Money laundering Reporting officer.
  • A full review and maintenance of your AML Compliance Policies, procedures and systems, and controls, including providing the mandatory training.
  • Mandatory periodic and suspicious transaction reporting.
  • KYC, Sanctions and PEP screening, and Customer Risk Assessment.
  • Segregation of responsibilities, oversight, audit controls, corporate governance, and management reporting.
  • A comprehensive review of your financial crime prevention framework and remediation of any gaps or weaknesses to prepare you for regulatory visits.
  • The provision of training to ensure that your employees are adhering to obligations and remain compliant with regulatory requirements.

To enquire about our consumer protection services and how eGRC can work with your business you can call us at +971527079648, email us at, or complete an inquiry form.

5. Auditing the AML Compliance Program

At eGRC, we consider that auditing should not be intrusive or time-consuming. As an insourced partner, we can work with our clients in the mainland, commercial, and financial-free zones (DIFC, ADGM) to complete all auditing functions.


To ensure a business is compliant with regulatory requirements and the robustness of its compliance program, the AML laws and regulations require companies to independently assess the effectiveness of their approach to anti-money laundering.


A straightforward way to achieve this is to integrate an independent compliance auditing function that assesses the implementation and application of the company’s Compliance Program.


Our audits cover the following: –

  • AML/CFT policies and procedures and their adequacy against the applicable laws and regulations.
  • Adequacy of enterprise-wide risk assessment,
  • Client Due Diligence (CDD)/Enhanced Due Diligence Processes.
  • Compliance procedures adopted vs. the compliance plan.
  • Evaluation of the internal audit report to determine its adequacy.  
  • STR identification and reporting
  • System testing for adequacy and effectiveness.


We work across various sectors and businesses, undertaking effective auditing processes and reporting to support the firm’s AML and Compliance strategies. For more information on the sectors, we cover, click on the links below:

Financial Institutions

  • Banks
  • Exchange Houses/Money Service Businesses
  • Insurance agents and brokers
  • Financial Services
  • Virtual Assets
  • Hawala (RHP)

Designated non-financial

  • Trust & Company Services providers
  • Attorney/Solicitors
  • Accountants
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Precious Metal & Stone Dealers

business & professions (DNFBP’s)

To enquire about our consumer protection services and how eGRC can work with your business you can call us at +971527079648, email us at, or complete an inquiry form.

6. Software Solution:

7. Compliance Reporting

Regulatory and Internal Reporting

Compliance Reporting provides business owners, compliance officers, and regulators with regular information about how their business manages and controls risk generally, AML requirements, and regulatory requirements.


Through the work that a business will undertake when faced with its regulatory obligations, there will be several tasks that are performed on a day-to-day basis and information collected that needs to be analyzed and reported on.

We work with businesses to implement a proportionate reporting structure that covers the key areas. Our reporting services can be provided monthly, quarterly, or annually to suit the needs of a business and will cover the following:

  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Risk Control and Risk Management
  • Consumer Protection
  • Policy and Procedure Application

8. Advisory on The Record Retention System

Document retention is one of the mandatory elements of the compliance program, it becomes evident when an organization is faced with audits, inspections, or investigations. Regulatory requirements change as the perpetrators adopt new methods of financial crimes. All the obliged institutions must stay abreast of the regulatory requirements. Businesses must establish adequate record retention systems to maintain all the mandatory records and details of clients and, when required, disclose them to authorized stakeholders.


Important documents and records remain in silos without an adequate record management system. eGRC assists businesses in the establishment of a robust record retention system. We help youdevelop an effective tool for capturing, storing, and managing all the necessary records. A set of registers alongside a robust auditing and reporting policy will provide a business with the necessary evidence required and expected by the regulatory bodies.


The issue with the maintenance of registers is that they are not appropriately updated or kept up to date. Furthermore, there is no easy process by which staff can report issues to compliance officers to capture the necessary information into the registers and investigate issues.

To enquire about our consumer protection services and how eGRC can work with your business you can call us at +971527079648, email us at, or complete an inquiry form.

9. Consumer Protection Policies and Procedures

Consumer Protection laws and regulations affect all businesses.

Having policies and procedures in place to protect the data of those you hold information on, is not just essential it is a legal obligation. Failure to adhere to the legislative requirements can render businesses liable for sanctions by their regulator or significant fines.

We work with businesses to implement an effective set of consumer protection policies and procedures to ensure that companies have created systems to manage, control, and protect data. In addition, it will allow companies to trigger swift responses to customer complaints and build a good reputation in the company’s industry with on-time customer complaint management systems.

Not every business can stop a determined data thief from taking data from their systems. The industry is littered with examples of complex systems accessed by hackers and stolen data. However, if your business is exposed to data theft or loss, the focus will turn to the policies and procedures you had and have in place to protect the data you hold.

If your business has not followed the requirements of your regulators, negative legal consequences will follow.

eGRC works with businesses to review their current approach to data protection. We aim to enhance this where necessary and assist start-up businesses that have not fully considered the impact of consumer data protection. Our focus is to ensure that all companies we work with understand and comply with the legislation requirements and therefore protect the data they hold. In addition, we ensure the businesses we work with have proportionate and sensible policies to demonstrate the efforts taken to control and protect data actively.

Consumer and Data Protection Services

Our Consumer Protection and policy drafting services will provide a business with

Policy writing including

  • Consumer protection plan
  • Customer care protocol
  • Customer-compliant notification and response handling
  • Client-facing data protection policy
  • Internal data protection policy
  • Dealing with a data breach
  • audit process, which provides an annual assessment of the data protection policies
  • Training all staff on data protection and how it affects them
  • Data breach notification and investigation processes
  • Data breach registers and controls
  • Compliance officer procedures and general supervision

We provide a bespoke service that develops and delivers quality consumer protection policies and procedures that are proportionate and protect your business. In addition, we work with you, if needed, on an ongoing basis to protect your business, staff, and clients.

To enquire about our consumer protection services and how eGRC can work with your business you can call us at +971527079648, email us at, or complete an inquiry form.

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Our Vision

EGRC is set to be the leading provider of governance, risk, and compliance services to regulated institutions and companies, helping them navigate the complexities of the regulatory landscape while optimizing their operations and revenue generation performance. EGRC strives to achieve this by leveraging its team expertise, experience, and innovative technology solutions to deliver superior service and promote a sound culture of compliance.

Our Mission

We administer High-quality risk management, Governance & Compliance programs for regulated businesses of all sizes, tailored to their specific services/products to meet compliance challenges of today’s rapidly changing governance standards. We adjust to align with current client policies, procedures, and processes which results in a unified collaboration.

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